A Site Dedicated to Hearing People

We developed a custom website for Listening Interventions that would help them hear people properly. Check out how we helped!

Brilliance in Simplicity

At Entermotion, Wichita’s website design studio, love developing a big ideas into simple solutions. See what we did for Bergkamp Construction!

What to Ask your Developer

Getting a website designed doesn’t have to be a harrowing task. If you have the right questions, you can make it really easy to work with a developer who will give you exactly what you need. “Can I see your portfolio” is always a good place to start. If you like the looks of the […]

Welcome to the Responsive Age: Contech USA

One of our longstanding clients came to us and asked what they could do to improve their site. We were bubbling over with ideas – not because the site was bad, but because improvement is an ongoing thing, and we wanted to see them keep up with their competitors. So we just started talking it […]

Healthy Websites Address Edge Cases Early On

Are you focusing on edge cases? If so, don’t tell that to Paul Boag because he’ll tell you to stop. If you’re building a reasonably large website there might be hundreds of tasks that a user could be trying to complete. But you cannot, and should not, try to accommodate all of them.

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