Brilliance in Simplicity

Close up of website designed by Entermotion, Wichita's web design studio, for Bergkamp Construction

Bergkamp Construction was founded in 1955 with a simple goal: to work hard and develop construction projects the right way. When we tackled their web project, we kept their mission in tact, which you can see in the brilliant animated masthead, re-telling of their history, and well organized projects page. 

Their new site features a large picture-based layout that shows off their big goals. We implemented dirt-like textures, a parallax scroll feature, and, of course, a fully responsive site that would look stunning on desktop or mobile devices. Oh, yeah, and we created a cool way for Berkamp to share their narrative– the numbered structure hints at Bergkamps simple step-by-step process to keep construction projects running smoothly. 

We’re excited for this redesign, and we can’t wait to hear about all the new stuff Bergkamp gets up to!


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