Naming a Company is More Involved Than You Think

Frank & Oak and Alex & Ani are representative of the naming trend that has been making unimpressive waves for a while. You’ve probably heard about people naming their companies after their kids, after themselves, or after words they made up, and while there are plenty of name generators that will do the “hard work” […]

Use Someone’s Image? That Could Cost You!

Those free images you find online aren’t “free,” they are not for your use, and you can’t just “borrow them,” even if you don’t know the rules. Say what? We’ll break down some misconceptions and give you some insight on what’s up. Creator   When you create an image from an original idea, you own the […]

How to Make Marketing Feel Good

Marketing shouldn’t feel icky. See how this web design studio likes to make marketing get well soon.

Why Human-Centered Design Matters

Are you doing everything you can to keep your goals focused on what actually matters? See why human-centered design matters and learn about how you can incorporate it into your redesigns.

Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is awesome because you can see how people interact with your site, discover how they found you, and figure out how old they are. Even if you don’t have an account right now, you can get one ready for a revamp. All of this information is necessary for creating a solid marketing plan, updating […]

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