Welcome to the Responsive Age: Contech USA

One of our longstanding clients came to us and asked what they could do to improve their site. We were bubbling over with ideas – not because the site was bad, but because improvement is an ongoing thing, and we wanted to see them keep up with their competitors. So we just started talking it […]

A Good Businessman Would Accept Any Reasonable Offer.

When we started out we charged next to nothing for logos. For work in general. As our portfolio and reputation grew, we charged more. With time, a logo cost 3, 4, or 5k without question. The reason it got more expensive, is because as we grew, we worked with bigger companies. These companies had bigger […]

Three Reasons You Should Use Adwords.

One. You’ll get better acquainted with your audience. You can get valuable intel from Adwords, such as the terms people are searching for related to your business. Using this information to get inside your customers’ heads a little bit allows you to market directly to them, giving them exactly what they want. Two. You’ll get […]

New Clients.

Busy season is upon us, and we’re really excited about the diverse group of clients we’re working with right now. There’s a little bit of everything on our plate, including logo work, complete website redesigns, and even app development. We really appreciate the opportunity to work on such great projects… now let’s get the party […]

Written in Stone.

It’s a big day when you get your logo carved in stone…

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