Think Like a Writer

A lot of us run creative businesses, and we know how to deal with the daily tasks, how to field all of the emails, and how to manage a team, but sometimes our ideas get lost whenever we try to write our web copy. Why? The worst websites have copy that doesn’t accurately represent their […]

Holiday Hours

The holidays are here, and we’re spending some of it with our families!

How to Avoid Duplicate Content with Style

Unique content is important. Not only for search engines, but for your customers. If you only publish duplicate content, your readers could get bored, obviously, but you might actually get penalized on search engines. Unique content will help you keep your readers from yawning (or worse, leaving your site and never coming back), and it […]

Wit or Grit in Application Development

Application developers are the people who take complex problems and fix them using web-based tools. That’s a fancy way of saying that they make cool stuff online. They can create applications to predict your risk of a heart attack they can create ways for you too look up skylines across the world and they can help you create easy infographics. […]

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! We’ll be enjoying the warmer weather with our family and friends, and will be closed for Memorial Day. We’ll be back in action on Tuesday, May 31st.

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