A Site Dedicated to Hearing People

Listening Interventions is a company that helps people connect with each other by listening. Through counseling and auditory therapy, Listening Interventions is the bridge that closes the gap caused by hearing loss. We developed a modern website that would allow people to slow down and listen. 

When there’s a lot of information to move through, readers can get overwhelmed. We wanted to make sure people would be able to understand the information easily, so we distilled Listening Interventions’ content into readable chunks.

We wanted to design a space for the content so the viewer would be engaged enough to actually read all of it. By changing the color and texture of various page elements, and using photo placement to draw the eye to different areas of content, we achieved our goal and made Listening Interventions a site to listen to.  

Subtle animation on the masthead keeps the site playful and engaging without being overwhelming, and we ensured that the site worked easily with our custom CMS so it would be flexible and easy to use while looking great.

See all of the subtle features that make Listening Interventions great. 

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