What We’ve Been Reading

We are internet people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t branch out! We love to pick up an actual book from time and time, and we’re chronicling our favorites.

Artists We Love

Mary Blair   You may not have heard of Mary Blair, but we bet you’ve seen her work somewhere. Born Mary Robinson, this artist was awarded the Walt Disney Disney Legend award posthumously in 1991. We love Mary’s work for a variety of reasons: some of us are fascinated by her ability to create a […]

5 Programs To Support

We love to support new programs or projects that are making a difference. Recently, we talked about our support of the Dollar a Day program.  If you’re looking for some new programs to support, here are some more of our favorites. One Laptop Per Child – One Laptop Per Child wants to empower children through […]

A Little Every Day

  At Entermotion, we know that every little bit counts, which is why we love contributing to the Dollar A Day program. Dollar A Day is a really easy way to support the companies you love and to discover new companies to support. Every day, they showcase a new nonprofit and everybody has the ability […]

Healthy Websites Address Edge Cases Early On

Are you focusing on edge cases? If so, don’t tell that to Paul Boag because he’ll tell you to stop. If you’re building a reasonably large website there might be hundreds of tasks that a user could be trying to complete. But you cannot, and should not, try to accommodate all of them.

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