What We’ve Been Reading

We are internet people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t branch out! We love to pick up an actual book from time and time, and we’re chronicling our favorites.

What We’ve Been Looking At

We’ve been feeling inspired lately– by chunky stationery, blossoming cherry trees, and hairdryers. What? You thought we only liked art, design, and high culture? You’re mostly correct, but sometimes we like to get down with the newest trends in the dry hair revolution. Here’s a look at what we’ve been staring at, playing with, and […]

4 Things Basquiat Can Teach us About Design

After reading an article on AnOther about Basquiat, we wanted to break down 4 things that Basquiat taught us about design. Change the Game Basquiat wrote on whatever he had at hand. In addition to being just a generally cool thing to do, we understand how useful that type of ideas is. When an idea […]

Examples of Good Copy

We talked a little bit about bad copy and how it can negatively affect your website or email campaign, but there are plenty of strong examples of copy that can excite readers. Check out some of our favorite examples to see how other companies tell their brand’s story.We love the mysterious package company for their […]

Spotlight on Southwestern

Southwestern College is a Methodist university that cultivates knowledgeable students who challenge convention. We developed a redesign of their site to focus on the unique opportunities, quality education, and financial options that Southwestern offers its students. Process All colleges are different so it depends on the university and the Proofessor in the colleges— some are […]

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