5 Programs To Support


We love to support new programs or projects that are making a difference. Recently, we talked about our support of the Dollar a Day program

If you’re looking for some new programs to support, here are some more of our favorites.

  • One Laptop Per Child – One Laptop Per Child wants to empower children through technology. If you donate to this program, your money will go towards providing children in developing countries rugged, long lasting computers that will help expand their education.
  • Girls Who Code – Girls Who Code is a company that provides computer science education to girls. Girls learn how to code, they meet with entrepreneurs and IT professionals, and they get jobs in the IT business.
  • Girls in Tech –  Girls in Tech has created a variety of programs to help girls interested in technology. Girls are paired with mentors and they get to attend conferences, educational boot camps, and cultural exchange programs.
  • Bitsbox  – Bitsbox provides monthly coding projects so that kids can learn to code real apps.
  • Erasable Circuit Marker – With the Erasable Circuit Marker, you can make circuit cards, you can fix and erase circuits, and you can create sensor interfaces.

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