Be Mysterious, Not Esoteric

If you’ve visited LA or NYC in the past few months chances are you’ve seen one of these strange billboards.

Give And Receive Through Visual Design

This literary gem from illustrator Leeandra Cianci beckons a backstory. It was featured on Explore, a “discovery engine for meaningful knowledge.” The map re-imagines Manhattan as the setting of various scenes from film, literature and comics.

This Evolutionary Theory Might Explain Why We Prefer Glossy Things

Yes, the research is dated a couple years, but the general appeal of shiny things might be instinctual.

Old Spice Refreshes Stock Photography With New Product

Old Spice ran a microsite recently asking “ARE _________________ NEWER THAN SHAVING GEL?” It only ran for a day, but now, if you view the site, you’ll learn that even the link you clicked to get there “Ain’t Newer Than New Old Spice Shave Gel. When the site was live, you could fill in the […]

Herman Miller Asks Famed Designers, “Why?”

Herman Miller, Inc. is based in Zeeland, Michigan and is a major manufacturer of modern office furniture, equipment and home furnishings. Under design direction of George Nelson, the company’s become the most prolific and influential producer of modernist furniture. If you’ve ever been in a Design Within Reach store in person, or online, then you’ve […]

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