Naming a Company is More Involved Than You Think

Frank & Oak and Alex & Ani are representative of the naming trend that has been making unimpressive waves for a while. You’ve probably heard about people naming their companies after their kids, after themselves, or after words they made up, and while there are plenty of name generators that will do the “hard work” […]

Think Like a Writer

A lot of us run creative businesses, and we know how to deal with the daily tasks, how to field all of the emails, and how to manage a team, but sometimes our ideas get lost whenever we try to write our web copy. Why? The worst websites have copy that doesn’t accurately represent their […]

I’m Nobody, Who Are You: The Power of Understanding Your Brand

Look around you. Everywhere you go, every single advertisement or logo or shoe or movie or poster or postcard you see has a story to tell, and that story is what draws you into the brand. If you don’t understand your brand, your values, or your customers, it’s going to be difficult to create a […]

The Story First

We love narratives. We gravitate toward them, and they can help us understand ourselves. And for your business, the story is the most important part. Sometimes, it’s even more important than what you’re selling or providing. To plan your story, you’ll want to incorporate traditional narrative techniques that will highlight the characters, setting, exposition, and […]

How to Tell Your Story

So you have a business! Woohoo. You have clients! Yes! You have a website. Yay. But you need more than a business, clients, and a website to last. You need to understand your brand. What are you all about? What type of clients do you want to reach? Here are some questions you should think […]

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