Wit or Grit in Application Development

Application developers are the people who take complex problems and fix them using web-based tools. That’s a fancy way of saying that they make cool stuff online. They can create applications to predict your risk of a heart attack they can create ways for you too look up skylines across the world and they can help you create easy infographics. […]

Good Stationery is Nothing to Fight About

  “Stationery” is a term that used to refer to anything that a stationer sold. While this word was pretty common in 1688,  it’s sort of fallen out of popular use in 2016 (where we’re facing down interjections like “meh” and words like “literally” for figuratively.) But the history of stationery is literally a modern-day […]

Spotlight on Southwestern

Southwestern College is a Methodist university that cultivates knowledgeable students who challenge convention. We developed a redesign of their site to focus on the unique opportunities, quality education, and financial options that Southwestern offers its students. Process All colleges are different so it depends on the university and the Proofessor in the colleges— some are […]

Be Mysterious, Not Esoteric

If you’ve visited LA or NYC in the past few months chances are you’ve seen one of these strange billboards.

Give And Receive Through Visual Design

This literary gem from illustrator Leeandra Cianci beckons a backstory. It was featured on Explore, a “discovery engine for meaningful knowledge.” The map re-imagines Manhattan as the setting of various scenes from film, literature and comics.

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