Our Ultimate How To Guide

If you’re in the market for a new website, here’s a roundup of our favorite posts that walk you through the most important steps of the process. Because to us, a website is more than your presence online.

The All Inclusive List of Fundamentals

To kick things off, here is an exhaustive list of fundamentals you should check out when you’re searching for a partner to design, or redesign your website. Even though most of these articles were written years ago, the basics are still the same, and still extremely relevant today.

Now, here are some additional How Tos we think will be helpful during your journey!

How to Tell if a Custom Website is Right for You

Ahhh, Relax. It’s Custom Built.

Having something made specifically for you can’t compare to anything created for the masses, no matter which way you try to spin it. It’s just that way.

Some people have been going the cheap route lately when it comes to print and web stuff. We won’t lie- on some level we understand; we’re not exactly in a booming economy, anyway, and we’re finding our own ways to spend smartly. But there’s one thing we refuse to compromise on: quality.

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How to Know if You Have Taste.

Taste. Do You Have it? Why?

Do you believe you dress well?

Can you look at someone else and diagnose their inability to put together a savvy outfit?
Are you able to look at a car on the street and deem it ugly?

If you answered yes to any of these, here’s another question for you: How do you know? It’s an honest question…

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How to Write Content for Your Website

Why You Should Outsource Copywriting, and How to Decide Who to Hire.

If you have an in-house creative team, copywriters are probably part of it. Many times, this setup is ideal. After all, they’re immersed in your business all day, every day. They know the terminology. They’re right down the hall to yell at if you don’t like something, or praise if you do.

Having said that, outsourcing your copywriting can be incredibly beneficial – oddly enough, for some of the very same reasons.

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How to Handle Landing Pages

Make the Most of Landing Pages

Do you know what your most popular landing pages are? If not, we’re going to suggest you log in to your Analytics account and take a look. If you’re already aware of which pages your visitors frequent most often, are you doing everything you can to make them want to take their coats off and stay awhile? Maybe even nudge them toward a conversion?

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How to Email Your Customers

Forgotten Characteristics of an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing. With the right touches of finesse, it can be incredibly effective. You can’t just send out a group of words to a list of people and expect societal interest in your company to shoot through the roof. As with all digital marketing pieces, you have to carefully select your message, tailor it to an audience you’ve hand picked, and then time the delivery perfectly to get the best open and click-through rates. There are lots of little details to e-mail marketing right, but none of them mean anything if you haven’t done the four things below first.

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How to Remember Everything

The Not So Obvious Things That Ought to Affect Your Buying Decision

Great websites require a whole collection of things to come together perfectly. A lot of the ingredients aren’t immediately apparent.

  • They’re technology related, and not obvious to the tech novice.
  • They become apparent when you’ve owned the site for a couple months.
  • They appear when you need to add new features/content.
  • They appear when you need to redesign the site several years from now.
  • They surface when you need to figure out hosting.
  • They appear when you need someone else to work on your website.
  • They get noticed once your customers see your site.
  • They appear in the sales reports…

Here are some often skimped on, or skipped over factors…

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How To Get More Information!

Do you have a question not covered in one of these articles? Let us know!

We’re thinking of starting a new series of articles on the blog where we answer your questions about the design industry, or our business specifically. We think it would be good for the community, and hopefully useful as well. If you’re a student, a client, potential client, competitor, etc. and you have any great questions, shoot them at us, and we’ll try and answer them as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Either reply to this article, or send an email to info[at]entermotion.com if you’ve got a topic for us.

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