Fundamentals – Things to ask…

When you’re choosing somebody to partner with to develop a website, it can be tough to know the right questions to ask. If you’re not fluent in technology, -how do you know what your priorities should be?

We’ve prepared a short list of some useful questions that might help you separate out the bad eggs.

  • If I challenged you to create a website for $xxx, what would you do?
  • What does your average client spend with you in a year? per project?
  • What is the quickest development time you have had for a site of this size?
  • What is the longest development time you have had for a site of this size?
  • Do you have a past track record of success with this particular demographic?
  • What programming languages do you prefer? Why?
  • Which language would you recommend for this project? Why?
  • Do any other sites or projects come to mind that are similar to the way you imagine this site?
  • What is the best Google page rank you have achieved for a site you have built?
  • Are you going to be using ready-made pieces, or building from scratch?
  • How much of the programming you develop for my site, am I free to leave with, if I am displeased with your service?
  • Is your firm capable of doing more than just developing a website? -Can you help build an audience?
  • What techniques have you used in the past to build traffic for a website?
  • What is your opinion of having a client handle copy writing, photography, and other web production?
  • If I was to handle some facets of the production process, how would you be available to assist me?
  • How do you currently handle most of your clients’ hosting?
  • Can you help me to transfer my existing site to a new server until my development is complete?
  • Will you handle email setups, domain transfers, SSL, and other features of my hosting for me?
  • Explain a time when your current hosting solution was inadequate for one of your clients, and you were able to quickly create a new solution.
  • In what ways do you provide support to customers as an ongoing process?
  • Can you explain an instance when you progressively addressed an industry in a way that was technologically advanced?
  • Can you illustrate a time when you advised your client against excessive technology when it was inappropriate for their needs?
  • Are you aware of any current web services or open source software that would be adequate for this task?
  • Can you explain how a custom built solution would better suit my needs than other alternatives?
  • Are focus groups included in the process that you are proposing to us?
  • In what ways would the target audience for this website influence your decisions in building this website?
  • Can you describe how you have empowered your clients to send their message to a wider audience through email?
  • What experience do you have with data collection?
  • How does your system collect and display the results of data collection?
  • What things have you learned through the years to make website launches more successful?
  • What thoughts do you have about how to make complex interfaces easy to understand?

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