Fundamentals: Cost of Ownership

There are a few features of your website that will be easy to identify as expenses associated with owning your website. Hosting, payment processing, security certificates, etc. These things all require you to pay with cash out of your pocket. However, there are additional expenses that you should consider when developing a website.

Owning a website requires maintenance. You must update content regularly, if you want this website to remain relevant. Likewise, the internet is always growing, and evolving, -eventually your website will stop functioning due to obsolescence. Be prepared to invest in your website incrementally in the coming years.

If possible, reallocate the same budget every year. Over time you will be the recipient of a well oiled comprehensive, machine that is designed to give exactly what your customers need.

An out of date site can speak to your customer as loudly as not having one at all.

Things to say to a developer

  • In what ways do you provide support to customers as an ongoing process?
  • let’s pretend that I had not updated my site for a few weeks and there was out of date information on the home page of my website, -would I be the first to know?

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