What Does a Website Mean to Us?

We’re a multidisciplinary design studio, which means we do lots of things. But most of our time is spent on web design and development.

So when our clients tell us they want a website, we know they really want so much more.

They want a catalyst to drive their sales.

They want their product to look attractive, modern, easily attainable, and like something their consumer can’t live without. They want the product information readily available, and in many cases, they want their consumers to be able to purchase online. They want an e-commerce system that is simple and manageable on the back end, and maybe more importantly, they want to know someone will pick up the phone if they call us with questions. They want more, and who doesn’t?

They want to speak to everyone.

They know a website has the potential to expand their business unlike any other. It’s why they’re choosing speak to their customers through it. They want a medium that will reach out to everyone without excluding anyone while focusing on their target market. They want to appeal to potential clients without ignoring existing ones. They don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with potentially thousands of people. We get it.

They want something to tell their story.

They want someone to listen to them, to understand who they are as a company, and build a website that says it perfectly. They want someone to pick up on all the things they’re not saying, and bring them to life. They want design that is beautiful to them, copy that encompasses them, and navigation that makes them want to live in their website. They’re proud of the company they’ve built, and they want their website to show it.

They want someone to make it happen for them.

Most of our clients are really great at what they do. We admire them because they’re humble enough to know when to delegate. We know our clients have a lot going on, that they want to have a part in creating a website that will be the face of their company, but they don’t want to spend all their time on it. They want to give suggestions and input, and then walk away while someone puts it all together for them.

To give clients what they want, you have to know all of this and more. We create custom websites for our clients, and really take time to get to know who they are so we can give them a product that reflects who they are while giving them nearly everything on their wish list.

That’s what a website means to us.

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