Ahhhhhh. Relax; it’s Custom Built.

Having something made specifically for you can’t compare to anything created for the masses, no matter which way you try to spin it. It’s just that way. 

Some people have been going the cheap route lately when it comes to print and web stuff. We won’t lie- on some level we understand; we’re not exactly in a booming economy, anyway, and we’re finding our own ways to spend smartly. But there’s one thing we refuse to compromise on: quality. 

It’s an overall unfortunate situation, really, because those who go the cheap route are missing a really great opportunity. This is your chance to get ahead- while everyone else is settling for a template, you can bust out with custom built materials. There’s truly no better way to get your customers’ attention. 

We know you know what it feels like. Those shoes you spent a little extra on that are comfortable day in and day out- and have lasted you longer than you ever thought possible. That suit you bought brand new and the store had it specially tailored to fit; you walk tall and proud when you’re wearing it. That computer you saved up for that isn’t crashy, or buggy; you have more confidence in your work because of it. 

Having a website built just for you feels exactly the same. Was your business card created custom? If so, you know you won’t see another one like it in the whole world. It truly represents you, because it was built for you. We may have actually done the work, but it’s your voice behind every syllable, behind every pixel, and behind every backend function. It’s truly unique. 

Honesty is good. Customers believe and trust it. There’s no better way to build a relationship with them than by being yourself. Beyond that, there’s one last thing. When your customers see how much you care about your own business and reputation, they’re receiving a very strong message about how you’ll care for their business and reputation. When actions speak louder than words, custom built is the only way to go.


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