Spotlight on Cornejo

Visionary. That’s what we think of when we think of Cornejo, a company with a variety of subsidiaries, plants, and locations. What sets this company apart? Well, everything. They’re long lasting, involved in the community, and they seek to engage with the environment in sustainable ways. Their team is large. Their goals are large. And […]

To Market or not to Market?

There are a lot of companies pushing the idea that you have to constantly market. That you have to constantly send out emails, newsletters, or text promotions. We’re of the other class — only promote when you have something to say. There’s no point in sending needless letters, tweets, or emails. Your customers will get […]

Websites, Social, or Word of Mouth

We heard a debate the other day that involved what’s more effective: websites, social, or word of mouth. We wanted to settle the debate once and for all. They are all important and they should all be utilized in order to create a trusted brand.  A New Version of an Old Trick Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t function like […]

3 Tips on Client Communication – Enter the Archives

We keep hearing that companies need to figure out how to communicate effectively with their clients, so we wanted to recap some of our favorite communication tips and trips from the Entermotion blog. Enter the archives: What we can do to fix this. Next time you’re in a communication rut with a client, ask yourself- […]

What to Put on your About Page

Your “about” page is going to be popular. It’s going to be the page that most of your customers gravitate toward. Why? Because they want to know who is running the show and how they can fit into the whole picture. Of course, you’ll want to give the customer some information about you and your […]

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