How to Make Marketing Feel Good

Marketing shouldn’t feel icky. See how this web design studio likes to make marketing get well soon.

How to Use Psychology to Sell

Remember when you were little and someone offered you an ice cream bar now or two ice cream bars later? Which would you take? Probably the one right now, because the only thing better than an ice cream bar is an ice cream bar now. This is what sales dudes and dudettes call “hyperbolic discounting.” […]

Websites, Social, or Word of Mouth

We heard a debate the other day that involved what’s more effective: websites, social, or word of mouth. We wanted to settle the debate once and for all. They are all important and they should all be utilized in order to create a trusted brand.  A New Version of an Old Trick Word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t function like […]

How to Write an Email That Gets Read

Newsletters are great tools. They help people get the information they need quickly, but how long do readers usually spend on an email? You tell me. How many emails do you get on a daily basis? More than 10? More than 100? More than 500? No matter the amount, you probably don’t read every word […]

Speak Plainly, Teach Well and Reap the Reward.

There’s no simple rule for successful marketing. No one path leads to a million hits, and no single technique works for all business everywhere. But there are two secrets for making people understand your message: Understand it Yourself. Trying to achieve multiple goals with your marketing message? On the surface, it looks like you’re multitasking, […]

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