3 Tips on Client Communication – Enter the Archives

We keep hearing that companies need to figure out how to communicate effectively with their clients, so we wanted to recap some of our favorite communication tips and trips from the Entermotion blog. Enter the archives:

What we can do to fix this.

Next time you’re in a communication rut with a client, ask yourself- how can you fix it? What could you have done earlier on in the process to avoid it in the first place? Look in the mirror to find the problem, and know that at the end of the day, you truly did everything you could to prevent communication errors. It’s a good feeling.

Be part of a team.
Our outlook on client relationships is that of a partnership. To us, teamwork means using everyone’s expertise. The client knows their product best- we know design best. Our best work comes from a relationship where this is understood and we can use our creativity to make something great. This situation doesn’t always happen easily, though, and sometimes the whole thing requires a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Get real. Honesty is good. Customers believe and trust it. There’s no better way to build a relationship with them than by being yourself. Beyond that, there’s one last thing. When your customers see how much you care about your own business and reputation, they’re receiving a very strong message about how you’ll care for their business and reputation. When actions speak louder than words, custom built is the only way to go.

Remain open.
We take on each project with a case-by-case mentality- and explain things to the client as we go. The majority of the time, this process works well; it gives us lots of opportunities to communicate with the client, and it gives the client opportunities to trust us.

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