What to Put on your About Page


Your “about” page is going to be popular. It’s going to be the page that most of your customers gravitate toward. Why? Because they want to know who is running the show and how they can fit into the whole picture.

Of course, you’ll want to give the customer some information about you and your story. Why the company was started, why you care, why it’s important. But you should also include information about why your customers should trust you. Have you won awards? Been in business for 10 years? Served a number of local companies? Talk a bit about why your customers should believe in you.

On your about page, and on all the pages of your site, it’s important to sound like you. That means that you’ll want to use actual language that your customers will understand. To do this, think about how you would explain your company to a friend. Then, go with that. Customers don’t want to plow through tons of jargon or strange words. They want to see who you are and they want to know that you’re a real person and a real company.

Finally, you want to make sure you have the right amount of information. You don’t want too much information on your about page because your customers will become overwhelmed. If you have a lot of technical information that you want your customers to know, you might want to consider creating subpages. Subpages will allow your customers to quickly click through and find the information they need without stressing.

Your about page should reflect your brand, be concise, and tell your story.

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