Speak Plainly, Teach Well and Reap the Reward.

There’s no simple rule for successful marketing. No one path leads to a million hits, and no single technique works for all business everywhere.

But there are two secrets for making people understand your message:

Understand it Yourself.

Trying to achieve multiple goals with your marketing message? On the surface, it looks like you’re multitasking, and being clever and all … but it’s really just complicated. And complicated is the last thing you want your message to be. Most people make decisions in 3 seconds, and if you force them to spend 2.5 of those 3 seconds decoding your message, well, you lose.

How do you fix this? You must have a solid grip on what you’re saying. Pick your goal. (Yup, singular, uno, one.) Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and think about what you want them to do. How you want them to feel. And then do this…

Speak Plainly.

Now that you totally, fully, completely understand what you’re saying – just say it. Don’t try to dazzle with fancy industry words and overly cute turns of phrase. Don’t confuse them by attempting to appeal to all their senses at once. It’s overwhelming; people don’t like that. Use small words. Focus your efforts on those two concepts from above: what you want them to do, and how you want them to feel. If you don’t do this you stand a better chance of losing their attention before you even get it. Three seconds happens fast…

Your Reward?

Understand your product, concept, idea, message, or goal well enough to explain it simply to someone else. When your customers understand what you’re telling them, in turn they’ll tell their neighbors, family, friends, blog followers. What you’re left with is the best marketing form of all – word of mouth.

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