January Roundup

Happy January! We’ve been happily working around here and we’ve been honored to get busy with some amazing projects. Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to recently!

We launched Fisher Lumber’s new website, wrote a blog about it here and put it in our portfolio here. Whew!

We teamed with Hanson & Wright and Copp Media to design, coordinate, and launch Cornejo & Son’s new website!

We donated $100 to this awesome charity, The Need, in the name of our friend and past team member Matt Soria.

We’ve been creating Atlas MD’s referral program campaign.

We’ve been working with the Wichita Aero Club to send out emails promoting their upcoming Gala.

And it’s not just us– a lot of our friends and business relations have been doing some incredible things!

For Atlas, DPC doctors are happy — they made the right decision.

Contech has been providing informational blogs to help readers understand the new PATH act.

Open Range productions has been adding some beautiful new videos to their portfolio.

Stribling Equipment and Empire Trucks opened up a new location along I-10!

Youth Academy is holding their Dare to Dream workshop on Wednesdays in Kansas.

We’re excited to see what our clients and friends do this year! If you have exciting news to share with us, please email info@entermotion.com so we can celebrate with you!

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