Spotlight on Fisher Lumber


Fisher Lumber is a full-service lumberyard serving the Wichita area. When they came to us about redesigning their existing website, we were excited because we were able to challenge ourselves by organizing and designing a fully functional website that would bring some aesthetics to the lumber world.



Fisher Lumber has a lot of information to share, and we wanted to make sure that everything was easily accessible. We pulled from the orange of their logo in order to incorporate a unique accent color that would make it easy for customers to spot important links, highlights, and sections. The mint/pistachio green from the logo was extracted and reintegrated as an accent color to suggest a cohesive design that reflects Fisher’s wholesome, family-oriented mission.


A bold site that organizes information hierarchically, making it possible for customers to search and find Fisher’s products and resources quickly.

With color-blocked categories, all of Fisher Lumber’s sections became easy to navigate. Customers can find project tips, testimonials, products, and services quickly. And since Fisher Lumber is all about transforming the home with ease, we wanted to make sure that their site presented their knowledge, skills, and accessibility prominently and with ease.


Frequently used in news sites, billboards, and papers, the Alternative Gothic and Roman fonts made Fisher’s most important information easy to read.


With three locations, a hardware store, a woodshop, and a cabinet shop, Fisher Lumber has a serious amount of information and a slew of products, specials, and deals to promote. We organized this site so that Fisher’s deals, products, and specials were only a click away, no matter where you were on the site.



The orange, forest green, and gray colors were all pulled from Fisher’s logo, which represents their local, earthy ideals, their quality materials, and their family-centered approach to their lumber company.

Lasting Connections

Fisher is all about forming lasting connections with their customers, so we included social media favicons to make it easy for their customers to stay connected.

From their custom images, informative, color-blocked sections, and easy to navigate site, Fisher Lumber is ready to deliver lumber products to the Wichita area. Check out their new website here.


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