How to Tell Your Story

So you have a business! Woohoo. You have clients! Yes! You have a website. Yay. But you need more than a business, clients, and a website to last. You need to understand your brand. What are you all about? What type of clients do you want to reach?

Here are some questions you should think about before you start branding, creating content, and marketing to a specific set of clients.

What makes your business happy?
Who is your ideal client or customer?
Who needs your business?
Who wants your business but can live without it?
How are you going to communicate with your customers?
Who is your competition?
How do they market themselves?
How are you different?
Where do you see yourselves in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?
What is your projected growth and how would you like to get there?
What type of site do you want your customers to see?
What is the first thing you want people to think of when they think of your business?
What are some aspects of your site that you would like to hide or change?
What drives your business?
What is the ideal vision that you have for your business?
How would you describe your business in one sentence? One word?
What do you believe in?
How are you going to show your customers that?

Once you ask yourself these questions, you can start creating a consistent brand with a consistent vision. Branding and marketing your company isn’t a one-night thing–it happens after a lot of thought, energy, and goal setting. Once you create your vision, you can become it.

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