How to Avoid Duplicate Content with Style

Unique content is important. Not only for search engines, but for your customers. If you only publish duplicate content, your readers could get bored, obviously, but you might actually get penalized on search engines. Unique content will help you keep your readers from yawning (or worse, leaving your site and never coming back), and it […]

Create Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

  Direct mail — or unsolicited newsletters, advertisements, promotions, or coupons — can help increase your sales by allowing you to target a specific market. With USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail program, companies that wouldn’t normally send out direct mail are now able to send it easily. They can target specific neighborhoods, zip codes, and […]

Show You Care on Valentine’s Day

Valentine‚Äôs Day is all about expressing your love and care for the people in your life. So why not extend that to your customers and clients? There are many ways that you can reach out and show your clients you care, and we wanted to touch upon our favorites. Handwritten letters are at the top […]

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