Get More out of Google Adwords with Sitelinks

Sitelinks show up directly underneath the main search result, and point to pages deeper within the site. They make it easier for the user to get where they’re going – before they even actually get to the site. Here’s what they look like: You can choose the most relevant pages to your users, and make […]

Don’t Talk to Strangers. How to Get to Know Your Audience.

As a studio, your clients probably don’t all belong to one industry. They’re not all healthcare professionals, and they’re not all roofers. They’re not even all technologically savvy. You know what this means, right? It means you can’t talk to them the same way, and you can’t talk to them like strangers. It’s what makes […]

The Real Meaning of Lorem Ipsum.

“The theory is that, since it’s unintelligible, nobody will attempt to read it, but instead focus on other aspects of the design. If you put readable text in the design, people might think the text is important to the design, that the text represents the sort of content you expect to see, or that the text somehow itself […]

Written in Stone.

It’s a big day when you get your logo carved in stone…

Out For the Holidays!

Another year gone by! To wrap up 2011, we’re taking a little break. We’ll be back January 3, though- revamped, refreshed and ready to kick off the new year. We always enjoy spending the week between Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family, but that doesn’t mean we’re not reflecting on the year we’re […]


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