Get More out of Google Adwords with Sitelinks

Sitelinks show up directly underneath the main search result, and point to pages deeper within the site. They make it easier for the user to get where they’re going – before they even actually get to the site.

Here’s what they look like:

You can choose the most relevant pages to your users, and make them available right out of the gate.

Here are some other benefits to making sitelinks a part of your Adwords Campaign:

  • Quick setup: It only takes a few minutes to implement.
  • Improves CTR: The better your CTR, the better your quality score.
  • You can use landing pages to drive traffic: Running a promo? Create a sitelink for it.
  • You’re essentially showing more ads in one search result. Each sitelink can act as its own ad!
  • Link to your social media networks: You don’t have to link within your site – you can network straight from the search results page.

Sitelinks are a great way to make your users’ search experience quick and painless. Why not take advantage? If we’re managing your Adwords account for you, you probably already have sitelinks in place. But give us a call to chat about it anyway – we enjoy talking about your business!

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