Quiet and then Loud

As you can probably see, we’ve been pretty quiet over here, but that’s because we’ve been cooking up some cool projects. You know, we don’t really have time to update the blog as much as we’d like or with as much care as we’d like, so we’ve decided to discontinue blogging for the foreseeable future. […]


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! We’ll be out of the office on Monday, September 3rd, spending time with our families and trying not to labor too hard. If you have an emergency, email us at with EMERGENCY in the subject line and we’ll work on getting back to you without too many “working on our day […]


Naming a Company is More Involved Than You Think

Frank & Oak and Alex & Ani are representative of the naming trend that has been making unimpressive waves for a while. You’ve probably heard about people naming their companies after their kids, after themselves, or after words they made up, and while there are plenty of name generators that will do the “hard work” […]

Happy Holidays (and Holiday Hours)

Entermotion is a web design studio in Kansas, but we still have families to eat cookies with. We’ll be out of the office for the holidays, and we hope you will be too!

Simple but Brilliant

Kansas is no stranger to innovative businesses, so at Entermotion, we were excited to take on this awesome project for Evenson Auctions. See how we did it here.

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