Destroy the Whatever

There’s a little phenomenon that we like to call whatever. Whatever happens when you’ve got one extra thing on your plate so you sort of push your goals aside. Whatever can happen at any time: You have 9 projects to manage, a baby spitting up on your work documents, an intern who recently quit, and a team of people looking to you for answers. One of them says, “Why don’t we throw this logo on the site today?” You’re tired. You don’t like the logo but you don’t have any other options, so you whatever it. It goes up. It stays up. 3 years later, it’s still there and there’s a whole new list of whatever moments happening.

Let’s destroy the whatever right now.

It was good before so…

When your site was designed, it was probably working as it should have. The story of your company was a good story for then. The web design firm or freelancer that you worked with probably had a good grasp of the design zeitgeist. Their decisions were made based on their current climate. But in the design world, even a 1-year-old website can look as outdated as an IBM typewriter. We don’t know of any companies whose vision, branding, or goals have remained the same for the entirety of their company.

It’s sort of hard to find a company that has the same goals for an entire 6 months, so it’d be ridiculous to assume that it’s a good idea to leave your site as-is for years and years. Something’s gotta give. And it’s probably necessary to give up all those whatevers and start connecting to make your site yours for now.

It’s time to get inspired.

Find a design firm whose goals align with yours. Find a team that knows how to elevate your vision and translate it into a website that houses all your needs. So you have one less thing to do and one more way to highlight your company.

It’s time. Let’s get back to those goals. Let’s figure out a way to make your website great again. Check out portfolios and get moving. Let your website do what you need it to do, and don’t do it alone if you don’t want to…or whatever.

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