Don’t Do it Alone: How to Update Your Site


We know that to keep a successful business running, you have to do a lot of planning. But that’s why we’re here! We’ve created some ways to update your site.

You can use CMS to tweak a few words or you can use it to recreate your entire web presence. We created a CMS information page to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

It’s not enough to have an easy-to-follow CMS-created webpage; you need to have real content that your clients want to read. If you’re too tired or busy to create the content yourself, we can help. We make it easy to personalize your website.  Many people think that having web content is enough, but your readers will be able to tell the difference between human created copy and copy that only focuses on keywords. Let’s look at an example of robot-like copy:

Three-dimensional pools will fill all your water needs. We know you like to swim, dive, and jump, so why not jump into summer with [Name of company’s products]? We use state-of-the-art technology to provide one-of-a-kind service. We know you’re going to love it!

Have you ever heard someone say in conversation that they have three-dimensional pools? If not, why is it in the copy? What does one-of-a-kind service look like? Despite the cute and catchy puns, the copy above lacks one important aspect: emotion. Once your customers read that web content, they’re sure to leave your page immediately for another, more down-to-earth website.

Getting web content that reflects your real life business in a real life way is necessary to creating a website that will attract (and keep) customers.

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