Correspondence Is Our Jam

If you’re our client, it’s highly likely that you know that anyone who answers the phone here at Entermotion knows all about your project. It’s something our small team prides itself on… plus that’s just how invested we are as a group. But we don’t think that mentality should pertain just to phone calls. So we’re taking the team approach to emails as well to make sure our clients get the best, most timely response possible.

Moving forward, you’ll have access to the entire Entermotion team just by emailing Whoever is available at the time and whoever is most familiar with your project will hop in and correspond with you. So you might chat with one of us one day, and another of us the next! We all love you equally.

We’re not saying you’ll get instant gratification (we’ll try our best to be quick!) but we refuse to let meetings, long phone calls, and time off get in the way of getting you answers. Because correspondence has a huge hand in making our world go round, and as our client you’re at the center of said world.

So go ahead, update your address book. But before you do, hit play on this bad boy for some background music. Then go do something creative to make yourself feel better…

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