Why Custom Built is Better



It’d be easier to purchase a premade product or website. It’d be easier to throw your information into little boxes that look just like the other little boxes everywhere. It’d be easier to purchase a template or website building program instead of getting a custom-built site. But just because something is easier doesn’t mean it’s actually better.

Why custom-built sites are the way to go.
There are a few reasons why we prefer to go with custom-built sites instead of working with drag-and-drop layouts.

Your brand’s preferences will be taken into account.
Getting a site custom built means you get to show off a part of your brand. When you work with a web design firm, you can incorporate small details that would get overlooked while using a template.

Custom-built sites can incorporate little accents that refer back to the larger symbols in your brand. This type of attention to detail creates cohesion that can only be found when a company takes your goals, mission and preferences into account.

A custom-built site will save you money.
Think about what happens when you put content into a template. It will probably look okay for the first few weeks. Then you get more new content to add, and so you put it in its separate slot. Then your boss calls and sends you 5 new documents to insert. Now you’re running out of space. So you search for a new layout or template that can house these documents, but in the process, you lose 10 hours and screw up the way the content is ordered. If you had gone with a custom-built site from the beginning, you would have been able to save money (and time…and energy!) in the long term.

A custom-built site means you get to decide.
While custom-built sites might involve a bit more research (i.e. you have to think about what you like and dislike), you get to have control over your image.  Do you want users to be able to search your stock and order items directly from your site? Would you prefer to incorporate a custom font or graphic? Custom built means exactly that — a design team will listen to your goals and preferences and will create a website based on your specifications. No matter what your needs are, it’s simply better to manage them by getting a website custom built.

Working with a web design firm is like having a personal design team at your fingertips. They can make pretty much whatever you ask for. It’s a good idea to think of some specific questions to ask before you hire a firm, so take some time to think about your needs and wants before you find a design partner.

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