When Less Really is More

If you follow leeclowsbeard on Twitter (and we strongly suggest you do) you’re often presented with enticing bits of food for thought.

A recent niblet we liked: “Brands that will try anything often have nothing worthwhile to say.”

It’s a knock back to reality when there are so many new and fun things to try, and it’s something we find ourselves explaining to our clients quite often.

Client: “Should we join the XYZ Newest Social Media Site?”

After careful consideration of our client’s specific audience and brand identity, we might respond with something like:”Hmmm… it’s a good thought, but maybe we should wait? If your audience isn’t comprised of early adopters, holding off for a bit will let them know you’re not just jumping on the band wagon without doing your research.”

We continually remind ourselves to practice restraint when we’re building a website, a brand, or even a blog post. Less is more, after all. It’s so tempting to dip your toe into all the social media outlets out there, but the truth is, if you’re not going to do it really well, there’s no point in doing it at all.

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