When 99% Accuracy Isn’t Good Enough.

The design industry is competitive, there’s no doubt about that. There’s always someone else who wants to do it better, quicker, cheaper, or any combination of the three. You’ve got to constantly evaluate your workflow, and adjust it so that you’ve got the best combination. 

You can do things right 28 days out of the month, but when one of those remaining days doesn’t go as planned, there’s a chance you could be fighting so you don’t compromise the quality, effectiveness or bottom line of a  job done on your watch. So, what happens when that inevitable mistake makes its way to the surface of your carefully managed workflow? 

You grow. 

The real test is what you do with that mistake. Analyze it. Has it been made before? If so, why? Trace it to it’s origin and find out if there’s a way to improve the process. Leave room for human error, give learning curves the respect they deserve- but nip the mistake in the bud. There is always room to get better. There are always areas we can improve on. Part of what we love about this industry is the continual learning process. The pace is quick, and you have to strive to keep up, or it will leave you behind…

Take mistakes lightly, but take them seriously. There is an agency down the street, or maybe even hundreds of miles away who is waiting to snatch up your business. It’s an every day reality, you see, and 99% accuracy will never be good enough.

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