Reinvigorating Beau Monde Spa’s Website

Display of Beau Monde Spa's site, designed by Entermotion, Wichita's web design studio.

Beau Monde Spa is known for their luxurious spa packages, relaxing environment, skilled and welcoming staff, and ability to make even the most rigid among us feel calm again.  When they came to us about developing a clearer website yesterday, we were excited to take on the challenge. We were able to do a lot in just under a month. 

* We made it easy for spa-goers to schedule appointments, discover new deals, and connect with their favorite masseuse at each location

* We updated schema so search engines would point to Beau Monde Spa’s cool services

*  Reimagined fonts make it easy for Beau Monde Spa to share their message with the world

* We imagined the most peaceful place we could picture, and we turned it into a website

* We added a bohemian twist by incorporating watercolors and botanical elements to keep the site in line with Beau Monde Spa’s branding goals

With their new website, Wichitans can experience a breath of fresh air. The new Beau Monde Spa site is spacious, calming, and earthen. Just like their welcoming staff. 


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