Think Outside of the Box

Gaining new sales isn’t only about creating a constant connection with clients or providing a quality service. Sometimes, gaining new sales has more to do with thinking creatively than anything else.

Shift the Way You Market

No matter what type of company you have, you can incorporate genre-blending influences in order to make an impact on customers. Just because you’ve created an online application doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate printed postcards. Just because you have a shoe company doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your clients on social media. No matter what type of company you have, you can always look to other forms of media to promote and engage with your clients, and eventually gain new sales. Guerrilla marketing is one way that you can surprise and entice your customers.

Go the Way of the Guerrilla

People absorb information in a variety of ways, so if your product stands out enough, your customers are likely to remember it. Guerrilla marketing is when you incorporate visionary and unconventional marketing techniques, usually created at low cost,  to catch your customers off guard. When you incorporate guerrilla techniques, you essentially surprise your customers with your advertisements. Some guerrilla marketing techniques include

  • Leaving product information in unexpected places. When people see marketing material out of context (i.e. a postcard on a chair at a movie theater), they’re more inclined to pick it up and actually read it.
  • Incorporating larger-than-life signs or promotional material. When potential customers are surprised, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to what they’re seeing.

Beyond the Tactic

Some companies incorporate tactics like stealth marketing, graffiti marketing, and publicity stunts to shock customers, but you don’t have to go into unknown territories to gain new sales. Usually, changing the way you connect with your clients can be enough to increase your sales. Whether you choose to incorporate guerrilla marketing techniques into your marketing plan or not, you can still do little things to connect with your customers and keep them coming back. Little things like handwritten cards, responding to queries on social media, and generating friendly email responses can be enough to ensure that your customers are loyal to your brand.

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