Why Brand Guidelines Are Important

Why Brand Guidelines Are Important

Brand guidelines, like every other part of your company’s public appearance (logos, websites, etc.) will prove to your customers that you pay attention to details, you believe your company has a unifying aesthetic, and your company understands the importance of branding.

You know what it’s like when you see a brand’s content (a logo, a tote bag, a pencil), and it fits right in with the rest of their brand’s persona. It might be hard to explain exactly why or how they got that way, but we know good brands when we see them. Likewise, if your brand guidelines are off, your customers will take note.

For example, we’re always confused when we get a quirky email from a professional law firm, or when we get a serious and stiff email from a startup tech company. We want to know that the company has put time and energy into crafting a cohesive brand that will present their vision in all aspects of communication. So it’s important to take note of the type of tone or style that you want to present to your customers and, unless you’re rebranding, you’ll want to stick with that tone and style throughout the lifetime of your brand.

Brand guidelines will help you get recognized. When you have a consistent tone, style, and aesthetic, you’ll begin to present your brand’s identity and your customers will begin to expect that style and tone whenever they see one of your products, emails, blogs, or notices.

When your style is consistent, your audience will be more likely to trust you and, therefore, will be more likely to purchase your products, recommend you to friends, and remain loyal to your brand.

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