6 Landing Page Tips to Create a Better Page


Your landing page is any page that readers click on, but a landing page can be used to get readers to complete a specific task — whether that’s buy your product or click through to go to another page on your site. To create a landing page that converts into direct sales, there are few things that you want to keep in mind:

Explore the benefits of a product or service. Don’t talk about the features or the specs. Yeah, people might want to know how tall or small your product is, but they really want to know how your product will benefit them.

Write a great headline so that your page will show up in search results. Keep your headline clear.

Include a subheader that outlines your promise. What will your readers get from reading your landing page?

Keep your content simple. You want your readers to spend time actually reading your site, so don’t cloud it with random bits of information, long sentences, or hard-to-read paragraphs.

Research your competitors to make sure you’re including the right type of information.

Finally, make sure you have valuable information. You don’t want to waste your customers’ time. You want to deliver on the goods you promised.

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