8 Things You Didn’t Know About Turkeys

We bet you didn’t know…

8. Turkeys sleep in trees.

7. Female turkeys don’t gobble .

6. Eating turkey actually does make you sleepy.

5. Ben Franklin really wanted the national animal to be a turkey.

4. Turkeys CAN fly!

3. Turkeys have periscopic vision. (Because their eyes are on the sides of their heads!)

2. They actually, physically blush when they’re frightened, agitated, excited or sick.

1. Instead of using teeth to break down food for digestion, they have tiny stones in their stomachs that do the job.

We kind of wish we didn’t know about that last one… In any event, we’ll be out of the office Thursday and Friday – but back in action on Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Entermotion

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