The Story of Dinkey.

Entermotion Logo“What’s the Donkey all about?”

It’s true. We designed our logo to be a conversation starter. When people ask us about it, we get a little fluttery inside because we know it’s working exactly like it’s supposed to. But over the years, it’s become so much more than that.

What our logo stands for is still the heart and soul of everything we are today. So when someone asks us what it means, we exchange sideways smiles, and launch into the story behind the mark that defines our happy little studio. So here it is.

To get a donkey to work hard, you dangle a carrot in front of it. The carrot is what makes the donkey move… that’s what drives it to take action. We realized that as a design studio, we provide that which drives the consumer to do the very same thing. We put projects out into the world that help persuade people one way or the other. We help them decide how they feel about certain things – all based on the way we present it. We love the task, but it’s not always an easy one. In fact, it can sometimes be a pretty stubborn process…

So how come the carrot isn’t our logo, you ask? There is an unmistakable, undeniable quality about the donkey that we identify with more so than the carrot. That donkey is stubborn. It is capable of really laborious tasks, and will stop at nothing to get to its carrot. We’ve dedicated our lives to persuading other people to feel a certain way, and like the donkey, we’re stubborn in our efforts to succeed. Dinkey (yes, that’s his name) reminds us of our mission every single day. We don’t see ourselves in the eyes of the carrot… we see ourselves in the eyes of the hard-working donkey, who forges through mud, tall grass, and carries heavy loads to get his reward.

So there. Now you know the story of the Entermotion logo. Carrots are rewarding, donkeys are hard-working, and we labor tirelessly so our clients can elicit emotion from their customers. All in a days work.

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