Glimpses of Genius, Beauty and Novelty. Hello World.

1. Is your client’s website outdated? Here’s how to tell for sure.

2. Is there such a thing as being too emotional about design? Yup.

3. The difference between spec and pro bono? It’s all about the cause.

4. Just getting started with your web design business? Here’s what you can expect.

5. Want a 4 Hour Work Week? But what if you hate Tim Ferris?

6. Need motivation to write? Try starting at 300 words per day.

7. Crisis vs Problem. How to tell if you have a social media crisis on your hands.

8. Nervous for your next client meeting? Really want that new business? You gotta learn how to speak clearly.

9. Think blogs and books are the same kind of writing? Think again.

10. Learn your ABCs. Change behavior through good design.

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