The Power of a Few.

“The small agency is the engine driving a more positive future for our industry.” – Bart Cleveland in Ad Age

We’ve always thought a small, diverse team with lots of talent can outrun a larger team. In our opinion there are definite benefits to being small.

  • When you’re small, you have to work extra hard to push those great ideas through- face it, you learn how to do more with less.
  • When you’re small, you’re constantly threatened to be overrun by the big guys- you learn to be humble.
  • When you’re small, you have to rely on yourself and not pass work off to somebody else- you learn to be efficient.
  • When you’re small, you have to know more about more, rather than specializing in one thing- you learn to be well-rounded.
  • When you’re small, you have no choice but to develop an extremely personal relationship with your clients- you know what they’re thinking before they think it.
  • When you’re small, there’s an unseen pressure to constantly tap into the newest ideas- you’re innovation reaches new levels all the time.

Celebrating as a team is easier when you’re small… so is recovering from a loss.

We like our small size; it feels natural. It’s where we’re most comfortable, and where we feel we do our best work. We’re not looking to grow; we’re happy just the way we are. We come to work smiling and motivated, and we leave work satisfied and looking forward to the next day. As a final thought, we’re always working toward this balance of work and home.  As a final thought, we’re always aiming for a balance of work and home. We try to use this balance as fuel to push our limits as a studio.


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