Just Let It.

Corporate America isn’t built to accommodate dreamers. Traditionally, it’s been all about the volume of work. In this world quantity rules. Idle hands are tools of the devil, remember?

This quote makes us thankful for the Small Business America we live in, which wouldn’t even exist without dreamers.

We can break the mold of Corporate America and focus on quality, not quantity. Idle hands may not make money, but it’s sure easy to make up for lost time whenever creativity strikes. You’re not feeling the flow of things this morning? It’s okay. Except in the event of a deadline, you have the flexibility to work on something else, and get back to the task later.

“The creative process is kind of like applied mysticism. Ideas often come in a flash, out of nowhere and without warning even at the most unusual times – often times beyond the boundaries of 9 to 5 thinking.”

That’s what it’s all about- giving yourself the flexibility and stress relief to catch those ideas as they float across your mind, and turn them into something real. Find that balance in your life that allows you to think freely, and not be consumed with stress and worry.

Embrace your Small Business America lifestyle. Appreciate the flexibility it offers, and the opportunity it presents to produce your best work. Your creativity is waiting to emerge- you just have to let it…

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