Copywriters- What’s Your Job?

It’s a challenge copywriters deal with- coming up with something new to say about the same old thing. But more than that, it’s coming up with a way to say it so you reflect WHO the client is, in a way the rest of their industry isn’t. You have to make it sound sexy.

Injecting personality into your copy isn’t easy- there’s a difference between truly representative and informal, informative and boring, knowledgeable and incomprehensible.

As a copywriter, you have to reinvent the language for each project you touch. Engage readers with a unique headline, turn of phrase, and interesting first line of text. But engaging them is only the first part- then you have to carry that tone and level of passion throughout the rest of the site. You have to retain them.

Here’s how you do it: get inside the client’s industry. Learn all about it. If one of your clients’ customers came up to you and asked you a question about the company, you’ll be able to answer it. Learn that much.

Being able to write knowledgeably is what will give your copywriting ability the edge it needs. Some people might argue it’s not your job to know everything the client knows, but it is your job to speak to their customers. It is your job to snatch their attention, and convince them your client’s company is the best choice.

It is your job to say the same old thing, in a different way. You can’t do that by guessing what your clients’ customers want and need.


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