Your Brand is Alienating Me.

Common wisdom might tell you that your brand should embrace everyone. All demographics, all walks of life. Common wisdom is usually wrong…

It’s better to form a brand with a strong stance toward a particular market than try to touch everyone. It’s better to alienate some for the benefit of others. It seems we use Apple as an example for every other post on this blog, but we’re going to do it again.

Apple’s brand alienates a lot of the core tech world. The company preaches simplicity, and “it just works.” This is irritating and intimidating to the millions of businesses around the world who depend on your technology being tough to understand- fiddly. Your gadgets need explaining or fixing = job security. Apple takes that security away.

Apple chose to leave out a huge part of their potential audience to concentrate on better pleasing the other. Devices like the iPad are polarizing because it is specifically not designed, or marketed towards some people. But those the product and campaign are directed toward will love it all the more. If Apple tried to please and market to both crowds, they would have failed at both.


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