Bring Sexy Back.

In a recent article in Ad Age, Tom Martin gives insight to three new years resolutions he believes every agency (big or small) should adopt this year. He talks about fulfilling your clients’ needs and pitching less, but the one that caught our attention was the third.

Be Sexy Again.

“Advertising is still the most fun you can have with your clothes on and not go to jail.”

Martin remembers when an advertising job was impressive and desirable, but also calls to attention the point when “our industry stopped believing in itself and started paying far too much attention to the mainstream media with their whole ‘the 30-second spot is dead’ and ‘the consumer will create ads in the future’ crap.”

It’s an interesting call to action from within. Don’t forget to have fun this year! Take some risks, extend your horizons, dazzle a client you thought was unimpressionable. Stop talking about all these great ideas rattling around in your brain and get the party started. Be pro-active instead of re-active. Improve your accuracy. If you’re in advertising, you’re in it for a reason- don’t forget what attracted you in the first place. If you feel sexy, your clients will know it.


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