The Happy Studio – A Five-Minute-A-Week Portfolio.

It’s not that hard really. Think of all the things you do once a week, and how they add up after a while. A weeks worth of trash? A weeks worth of laundry? A year’s worth?

Your portfolio is just the same. Small work adds up to big changes.

Five minutes a week adds up to four-and-a-half hours a year. Do you have any idea how many web optimized images you can kick out in four-and-a-half hours? Lots. Imagine if you devoted one hour a week.

Let’s not forget that many hands make small work. If you instruct every employee to spit out a portfolio image for every project they work on, you will be shocked at how up to date your portfolio is in just a short time.

It’s best not to forget that your portfolio is the life blood of your business. It gets you new clients, new employees, and shows the world what you’re capable of. Surely that’s worth five minutes a week.

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