A Few Things From the Weekend.

A few things that popped up today were too good not to comment on:

Motrin Moms
Motrin ran a commercial about how those fancy mom/baby slings can hurt your back (thus you should use Motrin.) They weren’t quite aware of the storm they were about to stir up. Many mom groups are outright mad about the ad, and it’s implications. We’re not a big fan of focus groups, – but maybe a bit more exploration would have been a good thing in this case. Motrin has pulled the ad, and temporarily their website, until they can clear up the PR mess. Check the Motrin ad out here.

Spam, and Lipstick
As often happens in times of economic downturn, and tension. Small luxury items, and cheap commodity items tend to get a nice boost. Lipstick has become a famous post-indicator of the economy… Can you break off a chunk of your product or service and sell it at a lower price to capitalize on this trend? Will Starbucks stock finally stop taking a beating?
More here

Be Careful With Photoshop
Karolina Kurkova, a Victoria’s Secret model had some bikini shot published recently. There was only one problem, -her belly button was photoshopped into a weird mushy dent. It’s amazing the kind of stuff that slips through the filters of magazines and agencies. Here’s a whole website full of other Photoshop slip-ups


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