Used Website For Sale.

Wouldn’t it be nice? You’ve spent thousands of dollars developing, and maintaining a website, but now it’s starting to feel old… Or maybe you need new features, or lots of new content. Wouldn’t it be great to get some of your original investment back?

Take heart. If your developer has used modern standards to develop your site, there is a lot that can be done to recapture your investment.

  • Sites built with CSS can be more rapidly changed graphically to reflect new branding. They’re also much easier to rework structurally.
  • Sites built on common database platforms are easier to extract data out of. If you have a static website, or a website in a closed CMS, it might take a lot of copy/paste.
  • Programming can be hard to salvage, but if it’s built well, and in a mainstream language it makes the process easier. Sometimes it’s as easy as changing a few lines of code to make code run up to modern standards.

What about a remodel? You don’t have to start over unless it’s really required.

  • Simple things like changing headlines, and important graphics can make a huge difference.
  • Adding Flash to a page can make a big impact on how your site feels to your audience.
  • Working with a copy writer to update content, and make the call-to-action more apparent can make a big difference in capture rate.
  • Replacing PDF’s with real pages, and forms helps make your site more usable, and is often an inexpensive way to make a dramatic impact.

Before you throw in the towel, talk to us, or another qualified developer about how you can salvage the best of your current site.


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